RESPECT –a.k.a. THE ELYSEUM DYNAMICS (First drafted: 4-13-02. Last draft: 12-12-10)

This list has been written and edited by the ELYSEUM community and is redrafted, re-edited and critiqued every new quarter to keep relevant as well as to remind… 


  • Constructive feedback is the only feedback we want to hear in any ELYSEUM event, workshop, retreat, or online posting.
  • For critique it is most effective to provide hardcopy for written notes and comments.
  • If you like something, let that person know! Good work should always be commended.
  • Commentary is subjective. If you do not understand or like something, own that as your own experience or opinion. In this same token, don’t take criticism too personally or too harshly. It is only opinion and ultimately you are the only person who has to answer for your own work and words.


  • Be respectful, mindful and considerate when presenting your work, critiquing others, or making commentary.           
  • We are not restricted to any particular style or genre of writing  as long as there is a sincere effort to present well-crafted and compelling work.


  • Signing up to read/perform on the open list at an ELYSEUM event will initially get you five minutes per round to present your work.
  • If you wish to present longer pieces at an event, you are welcome to read your work in serialized form.
  • Exceeding your allotted time is inconsiderate to your audience as well as the other participant who are waiting for their opportunity to share their work as well.
  • A workshop critique round is initially limited to fifteen minutes per person with preference going to those who have not yet had their turn and to those working under publication deadlines. Another round will be possible if there is time.
  • Lengthy workshop pieces and additional commentary may be  posted on the online ELYSEUM site to be critiqued and enjoyed by the other members at their leisure.


  • Refrain from disrupting the concentration and quiet during writing exercises.
  • Avoid holding up or distracting from the flow of communication.
  • When a reader, host or facilitator is speaking, do not interrupt.
  • While brief tangents are natural, try to keep commentary focused on the topic at hand.


  • Respect the boundaries, property and privacy of the host venue. Don’t abuse the floors, walls or furnishings.
  • Make or see a mess? Please clean it up!
  • If we are in a café, restaurant, store or bar setting, please patronize the business.


  • There are some costs and expenses. Donations are always appreciated and we are actively seeking fiscal sponsorship. Volunteers for our events and retreats are especially appreciated.


  • Take this  time together as an opportunity to put your best effort forward.
  • Respect your audience and readers.
  • Be compelling. Be interesting. Be engaging. 

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