Tantrum of a Season

Nights when city dogs, pampered pets,

ride the full moon and sing themselves into wolves.

Nights of careless moody wind, mindless of what goes flying on  wild wings,

and where it falls.

Restless nights when the bed is half empty.

Sheets wind themselves into snakes,

pillows slither under the bed to hide.

The moon hangs like a yella dog,

half-starved, lost and lonesome.

Stars tumble, witless out of their delusional order.

Cygnus crowned by Mars,

Scorpio satiated on the fingers of Venus.

Dreams so darkly dangerous,

a shadow of trance is favored.

Coherence of urgent joy

knotted by Medusa into nightmares.

Black thoughts blown into cobwebbed corners

gather a malignant glow

nourishing sleep spiders,

who dine on good intentions,

small lies and broken promises.

Sorrow makes a road for sickness.


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