Dance with the Water Divas

Slipping in, sinking slowly, the silky water moistening my skin and soothing my senses into this precise moment. A feather on the wind of time, I reside, swirling into the nothingness and everythingness that is this sacred pool.

Ahhhhh, beautiful water Divas, guardian Goddesses of these crevices
You watchful angels over prayerful souls
Thank you for being here today
For adorning me in all of my nakedness
For knowing and loving each crevice of my body
as you do the crevices of the earth from which you flow

Dowsing me, your spirit dances the cells of my being to aliveness, infiltrating my inner sanctuary, flooding deeply into the red core of my being.

Take me. I surrender to your infinite mastery, your flowing edge a living, breathing perplexity of new life energy and ancient wisdom.

Spores open, cells divide
Universes big and small collide
A vast expanse for the inner eye
Kaleidoscope of shapes and colors abide

Flowing down my veins in a slip-n-slide fashion, laughter prevailing and spilling over into the ponds below. I am free.

On butterfly-shaped cells I ride
over the ponds edge where life’s secrets reside.
Whispering waters, a language so old,
that all forms of life understand its code.

In the stillness there, all things are created.

Could this be home?


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