Not Another Love Poem

The greeks in chorus
as only greeks can murmur,
view love as human folly
to be cured with geometry and humor

with forensic specificity
and pathagorian wit
the malady dissected with terms
a surgeons fancy fits

Eros, agape, filios, storage,
epithumia and phile
clean as pie charts,
filed and stored
by generations ignored
in error, pain and shame

we talk of love
and worship love
profit from love
and flee from love

Poets extol its danger
priests vow its virtue
lovers pine and die
in its presence or absence

like a lawn unmowed,
it thrives
ignored like a ringing phone
it grows

unencumbered by god-bothering zealots
love becomes vast and encompassing

surrounding us with quiet glee
it wiggles inside us
with the terrifying patience
of an ancient, thirsty deity

for the unwary
the lame of gait
crooked of tooth
less than clean

And transforms us into saints.


12 Responses to “Not Another Love Poem”

  1. agree! thanks for sharing! here’s mine for this thursday..

  2. So beautiful! Love conquers all. 🙂

    Here’s mine fot this Thursday:

  3. amazing reflections and interpretations on love.
    well put.

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    Your poetry rocks!
    Keep Writing, Happy 2011!

    • for Valentine’s day

      I keep my heart in a cage of bones
      ringed by a moat,
      stalked by death.
      Fins scythe, like a dirge in skin,
      thru thin water.
      In a land where only mad dogs
      answer selfish prayers

  5. rhymeasmile, loved “gossip Queens”

  6. Excellent poem! I love the use of connotation, linguistic style, and overall content and statement. Truly, a beautifully wrought poem!


  7. Beautiful poem..well written 🙂
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  8. gonzagasaga Says:

    see Julie! I told you that your poem RAWK! Now we have these wonderful people out there in cyberspace in complete agreement. So there!

  9. NotATameLion Says:

    There is not a line in this poem that I do not adore. Thank you for sharing this poem.

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